Team We've Got Your Back, Babe!

First nationwide fitness challenge to urge America to back breastfeeding and sweat for the love of moms and babies!


Every year, millions of Americans donate billions to find cures for diseases and cross the finish line first, while breastfeeding—one of the single most important preventative measures against infections, viruses and life-threatening illnesses for both babies and mothers—remains grossly under-appreciated and lags last in the race for funding. As a result, poor information, overwhelming barriers to breastfeeding, and a persistent lack of infrastructure cause millions of moms to suffer, struggle and prevent them from reaching their personal breastfeeding goals. The toll on our nation’s health, the economy and the planet is staggering. Determined to put prevention first and give every mom and baby the chance to thrive, the Best for Babes® Foundation and Breastfeeding USA are teaming up to ensure that more moms get individualized support, and can recognize and are able to overcome the barriers to breastfeeding and healthy infant feeding. Both organizations believe that Americans are tired of seeing expecting and new moms bombarded by misinformation, receive poor care and advice, be humiliated and harassed, and undermined every step of the way.


In honor of National Breastfeeding Month and this year’s World Breastfeeding Week theme—“Breastfeeding Support: Close to Mothers”—Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA invite anyone who cares about the health and happiness of moms and babies to join Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! (WGYBB), the first nationwide fitness challenge to stand up for moms and babies and raise funds and awareness to fight the Breastfeeding Booby Traps®! Team WGYBB is being backed by Best for Babes Champion for Moms and fitness expert and author Gabby Reece and is a part of Team Best for Babes®, which empowers individuals to reach fitness milestones in the name of the breastfeeding and human milk—the foundation of health. We are putting more sweat on the front end of prevention, so we won’t have to put so much on the back end of the ‘cure’! Whether you breastfed or you didn't, the Mother of All Causes is worth us ALL fighting for! Team WGYBB is sponsored by Leading Lady, a premiere nursing intimate apparel company that is proud to go beyond the bra to support moms to achieve their goals! Check out Leading Lady's breastfeeding blog.


Register for Team WGYBB and meet your fitness and fundraising goals anytime before October 31, 2013.


This is a nationwide fitness challenge, not a race. Everyone can participate through either one of the locations below or, in areas where there is no team, through the Virtual Team WGYBB. Each of the actual teams and each virtual team member will choose a fun fitness goal—a run/walk, bike ride, swim, stroller-thon, yoga-thon, golf-thon—or even simply a personal challenge that does not involve attending an organized event, i.e., walk 5 miles by summer’s end! Whatever your goal, we want you to get it, and feel good about it, the same way we feel about breastfeeding!


Join us us as we blaze a fast lane on the “fitness for a cause” highway in the name of breastfeeding and human milk! Register here on the Best for Babes website.
Indianapolis, IN: Indy Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe!
Northern Colorado: No Co Team WGYBB
New York City NYC Team We've Got Your Back, Babe!
Connecticut Central Connecticut Team WGYBB
North Carolina North Carolina: Lake Norman Team WGYBB
San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Team WGYBB SF Bay Area
California Central Valley Team WGYBB Merced
Sacramento California Team WGYBB Greater Sacramento Area
Los Angeles, CA LA Team: We've Got Your Back, Babe!
New York: Team WGYBB Westchester/Putnam Counties
Ohio: Team WGYBB Cincinnati
New Jersey: Northern NJ Team WGYBB
Washington: Tacoma Team WGYBB
Washington: Spokane Team WGYBB
Washington DC Area: Team WGYBB Montgomery County, MD
and many more!

Email [email protected] for help setting up a team or with your questions.

No team in your area? Not the “group” type? Join the Virtual Team WGYBB.

Once you sign up for Team WGYBB, you can create a fundraising page of your own to proclaim your having laid down the gauntlet for the Mother of All Causes and the reasons why you are fighting the good fight with us!


Not your ordinary fitness challenge, Gabby Reece and other Best for Babes Celebrity and Elite Athlete Champions for Moms will be on hand to cheer on Team WGYBB and share tips, tricks and motivation. We’ll have Motivational and Milestone Awards to help you get it and keep it in gear, like Halfway There and Heaviest Load Hauled during a workout. Upcoming Motivational Awards will be announced every Tuesday at GRAND PRIZE for Most Funds Raised will be a B.O.B. B-Safe Infant Car Seat with Adapter Kit! and B.O.B. Revolution Jogging Stroller AND a Limerick PJ's Comfort Breast Pump with Executive Kit! Thank you B.O.B. and Limerick!

And everyone who meets their fundraising and fitness goal will get the Team WGYBB shirt and a swag bag. As part of their commitment to breastfeeding, and in honor of World Breastfeeding Week 2013, Leading Lady donated 1000 bras to Breastfeeding USA for distribution among their members, and in their communities! In addition, every Team WGYBB member will receive an exclusive discount from as a thank you for their support of the breastfeeding cause. Check out the Team Best for Babes Facebook page to get inspired, prepared and empowered to achieve your personal fitness goal!


The minimum fundraising commitment for each Team WGYBB member is $200 U.S. dollars and must be met by October 31, 2013. Proceeds will benefit the missions of both Best for Babes and Breastfeeding USA. Thank you to TeamWGYBB participants, your sponsors and your cheerleaders.