Statement on Exploitive Marketing of Infant Formula

At Breastfeeding USA, we promote breastfeeding as the biological norm, and we collaborate with other organizations to encourage practices that promote breastfeeding as the cultural norm. As such, the Breastfeeding USA Board of Directors condemns the exploitative marketing of infant formula, and has signed an open letter with the World Health Organization (WHO) to #EndExploitativeMarketing of formula milk products. This initiative, “Babies before bottom lines,” is aimed at governments, health professionals, and investors, and its purpose is to call on manufacturers and distributors of infant formula to end exploitative marketing of these products.

In our Statement on Breastfeeding, we assert that informed decision making helps families to be comfortable and confident in their choices. Informed decision making cannot happen in the face of deceptive and often relentless advertising by commercial interests, especially when their products are overtly, or even subtly, promoted by health care professionals and governments. The exploitative promotion of breastmilk substitutes undermines optimal infant feeding. Aligning ourselves with the WHO, Breastfeeding USA calls on the US Government to regulate the promotion of infant formula and feeding accessories. We call on health care systems and professionals to stop promoting and marketing infant formula. We call on investors, manufacturers, and distributors of breastmilk substitutes to end exploitative marketing practices.

Board of Directors, Breastfeeding USA

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