BC Guide - Requirements of all BCs

Breastfeeding Counselors are vital to the success of Breastfeeding USA and delivery of the mission. The organization is invested in ensuring that all BCs are adequately trained and have resources available to them to deliver evidence-based breastfeeding information and support in their communities. The credibility of Breastfeeding USA depends upon every Breastfeeding Counselor staying current, so the organization requires BCs to be up-to-date and connected with Breastfeeding USA resources. Specifically, to maintain accreditation, each Breastfeeding Counselor must:

  • demonstrate support for the organization by actively working towards the mission and renewing her membership each year
  • regularly communicate with the organization and report her activities and community contacts
  • stay up-to-date in evidence-based breastfeeding information and participate in continuing education

The following sections provide more information about these requirements to maintain accreditation.