Board of Directors


Genevieve Colvin

Genevieve is an expert on Breasfeeding legislation in California and advocate on the national level. She is an IBCLC and has provided mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding mothers since 2007. 

Genevieve has served as a Director for two non-profit organizations and has extensive organizational experience. She was an associate music supervisor for more than 20 major motion pictures, overseeing multi-million dollar budgets with extensive contract negations with high profile celebrities.  She also served for 5 years as the legislative policy advocate for BreastfeedLA and has has worked on several large public health grants implementing the Affordable Care Act.

Her Board term is (2013-2016).

Vice President

Toi Lowe
Flint Michigan

Toi received her Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineer from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan and soon will have a Master's of Science in Health and Human Performance from Northwestern State University of Louisiana. She became passionate about breastfeeding in 2007 and got heavily involved in online mother-to-mother support. She was previously a WIC Peer Counselor and also served on the USDA National Advisory Council on Maternal, Infant, and Fetal Nutrition. Toi is employed as a Resident Engineer in the Automotive Industry. She is married with four children and has started a Breastfeeding USA Chapter in Genesee County.

Her Board term is (2015-2018).


Carol Delaney
South Windsor, Connecticut

Carol is serving her second term on the Board and has been Breastfeeding USA's Treasurer since October 2012.

She is a founding Breastfeeding Counselor of the Connecticut Chapter which opened in January 2012. The Chapter is currently staffed by fifteen Breastfeeding Counselors providing monthly meetings in 6 locations around the state. She has been a volunteer helping mothers breastfeed for 29 years. Carol and her husband, Peter, have been married for 38 years. In addition to five adult children, they have one grandson whose mother is also a CT Chapter Breastfeeding Counselor.

Her Board terms are (2012-2015) and (2015-2018).


Rachelle Lesteshen
Columbus, OH

Rachelle is a Breastfeeding USA Counselor and a mom of two girls. She is the Chapter leader for the Clintonville Breastfeeding Support Group in Columbus, Ohio and also runs the Facebook page and blog, Unlatched. Rachelle is passionate about breastfeeding advocacy and the World Health Organization's International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. In her “spare” time, she is working toward becoming an IBCLC. Her other passions include cars, music, and science.

Her Board term is (2014-2017).


Ali Kulenkamp
Indianpolis, Indiana

Alison became a Breastfeeding USA Counselor in February 2012 and has been volunteering her time in mother-to-mother support for over five years. Volunteering with breastfeeding families comes naturally to Ali—growing up, she heard her mother giving support to moms in need, and learned from a young age that a 2 A.M. phone call meant that someone needed urgent support!

In addition to fulfilling her duties on the Board of Directors, Ali has been responsible for the Breastfeeding USA Social Media accounts since 2012. Along with her team of devoted volunteers, she is responsible for the growth and development of Facebook and Twitter. She helps manage a 2000+ mother sized local Facebook group as well.

Ali received her B.S. from Indiana University-Bloomington and has a degree in English and Secondary Education. Alison currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and two children, Eli and Fiona. She enjoys reading young-adult fiction and singing.

Her Board term is (2013-2016).


Ginger Gorrell
Apex, NC

Ginger has been a Breastfeeding USA Counselor for four years and served as the organization's bookkeeper for three years. She works as a freelance math tutor. She and her husband, Wil, reside in Apex, NC with their three kids, ages 9, 7, and 5. In her off time, she enjoys traveling, tolerates the camping that her children so dearly love, and will never be caught without a book in her pocket.

Her term is (2015-2018).


Sharon Knorr
Loveland, Colorado

Sharon grew up in the Buffalo area and received a BS in Medical Technology from SUNY Buffalo. After graduation, she moved to Hawaii, then to Illinois, and finally settled in central New York. In 1987, Sharon became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and was a founding member of the Rochester Regional Breastfeeding Network, where she has served on the Board of Directors and as President. As a lactation consultant, she taught breastfeeding classes and worked on the post-partum floor of a Rochester hospital. She is also a private practice lactation consultant. In addition to her professional lactation career, Sharon spent many years as a volunteer supporting breastfeeding in both counseling and administrative roles. She is an experienced speaker and writer. Sharon served on the steering committee for the formation of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA). She is presently employed as the chemistry section chief for a local hospital laboratory. She is married with two grown children.

Her Board terms are (2010-2013) and (2013-2016).


Rebecca N. Ruhlen
Davidson, NC

Rebecca is a sociocultural anthropologist (PhD 2007, U Washington) with research and teaching specialties in East Asia, social movements, gender, motherhood, and breastfeeding. She has done volunteer mother-to-mother breastfeeding support and advocacy since 2006, earned the IBCLC credential in 2010, and became a Breastfeeding USA Counselor in 2011. Rebecca helped develop our Breastfeeding Counselor application and training systems and is a course tutor in the comprehensive education course. She now chairs our education committee.

Rebecca is a visiting assistant professor at Davidson College. Locally, she helps run the Lake Norman chapter of Breastfeeding USA and is active in her local Quaker Meeting. Rebecca has been married since 1995 and has a grown stepson, a soccer/piano-playing teenage son, a skittish dog, and a former Shanghai alley cat named Calvin.

Her Board term is (2014-2017).


Cynthia L. Sears

Cynthia is completing a doctoral program in health behavior at the University of Florida, has a passionate love of learning, and is dedicated to the rigorous application of the scientific process that is part of doing research. Her research interests focus on use of education technology, digital worlds, and mHealth/eHealth as channels to disseminate health education, with specific focus on breastfeeding education for Millennial mothers. She has co-authored manuscripts in the area of eHealth and African American health, has served as a manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Human Lactation, and is also working as a graduate research assistant as part of her Fellowship.

In addition to her doctoral program curriculum and research, she is currently serving a 2 year term on the board of directors for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition (2015-2017), which has developed her capacity to work with the strengths that each individual brings to the table. As co­-chair of the social media committee for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition she also helps admin the Facebook and Twitter pages for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition. She helps admin the breastfeeding support group on Facebook.

Cynthia became a Breastfeeding USA Counselor in January 2015 and helped to co-found the North Central Florida Chapter of Breastfeeding USA. In this capacity she maintains and posts most of the posts for the Breastfeeding USA ­ North Central Florida Chapter Facebook page. She is mother to two boys, a grown step-son, and a dog named Bazooka. She hopes to somehow squeeze clinical hours in, here and there, to eventually sit for the IBLCE exam.

Her Board term is (2015-2018).