Cynthia L. Sears, MS, CHES, CLEC

Cynthia is completing a doctoral program in health behavior at the University of Florida, has a passionate love of learning, and is dedicated to the rigorous application of the scientific process that is part of doing research. Her research interests focus on use of education technology, digital worlds, and mHealth/eHealth as channels to disseminate health education, with specific focus on breastfeeding education for Millennial mothers. She has co-authored manuscripts in the area of eHealth and African American health, has served as a manuscript reviewer for the Journal of Human Lactation, and is also working as a graduate research assistant as part of her Fellowship.

In addition to her doctoral program curriculum and research, she is currently serving a 2 year term on the board of directors for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition (2015-2017), which has developed her capacity to work with the strengths that each individual brings to the table. As co­-chair of the social media committee for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition she also helps admin the Facebook and Twitter pages for the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition. She helps admin the breastfeeding support group on Facebook.

Cynthia became a Breastfeeding USA Counselor in January 2015 and helped to co-found the North Central Florida Chapter of Breastfeeding USA. In this capacity she maintains and posts most of the posts for the Breastfeeding USA ­ North Central Florida Chapter Facebook page. She is mother to two boys, a grown step-son, and a dog named Bazooka. She hopes to somehow squeeze clinical hours in, here and there, to eventually sit for the IBLCE exam.

Her Board term is (2015-2018).