Ali Kulenkamp
Indianpolis, Indiana

Ali is a Breastfeeding USA Counselor, and lives in Indianapolis. She is a former educator (middle school English!) She's the mom of two- Eli is 4.5, and Fiona is 2.5 (not yet weaned.)

Ali is the Social Media Manager for Breastfeeding USA and along with the other team members is responsible for the growth and development of Facebook and Twitter. She helps manage a 1500+ mother sized local Facebook group as well.

Ali writes, "As a child, my mother was a very active La Leche League Leader. I heard her answering 2 am phone calls, knew she visited countless moms, and heard her speaking gently and in a reassuring tone giving the support new mothers needed (even if it was time for dinner, or time to leave for an appointment.) She made time for the moms who needed her. I think that hearing her, almost all of my life (you would be surprised how many support groups I’ve attended...) helped me understand that moms need each other. After my first child was born, I became a La Leche League Leader, but when I learned about Breastfeeding USA, I knew the mission was a good fit for me."

Currently, Ali is on the planning and organizing committee for Team We’ve Got Your Back, Babe! which is the collaborative effort with the Best for Babes Foundation, putting her organizational and people skills to the test.