Patty Jacobs
Alameda, California

Patty is the past Project and Event Coordinator for an independent business association, where her responsibilities included marketing, bookkeeping, membership, website maintenance, events, and publicity. Patty was a breastfeeding counselor, accredited by La Leche League International, for 22 years, helping mothers in her community and holding administrative positions in volunteer accreditation, Leader support and events. Patty was the contributing editor of mother’s stories for New Beginnings Magazine for five years. She is a former member of the board of directors of La Leche League of Northern California and Hawaii. Patty is pursuing continuing education in nonprofit organizations and received a certificate in Non-Profit Management from California State University, East Bay. She has held the position of Treasurer in Breastfeeding USA and is active on the Social Networking, Education, Website, Publication, and Finance Committees. Patty and her husband John have been married for 35 years, and they have two grown daughters who were both breastfed. Her board term is through 2014.