Carol Kelley
Taylors, South Carolina

Carol majored in anthropology, with a minor in history, at the University of Georgia. She also studied biology at Furman University, including research on perinatal transmission of HIV. Carol’s five girls were all breastfed, establishing the basis for more than 27 years of volunteer work counseling breastfeeding mothers and facilitating peer-to-peer support as a La Leche League Leader. From 1996 to 1998, Carol served on the board of directors of ProJustice Carolina (a local social justice organization), as co-chair of the education committee. There she helped write the organization's bylaws. She also served as secretary on the board of the local ACLU chapter. Carol’s eldest three daughters are now married, and she recently became a grandmother. Carol is active on the Breastfeeding USA Education Committee.

Her Board terms are (2010-2012) and (2012-2015).