Online meetings: Breastfeeding USA Capital Region Chapter

Welcome to Online Meetings, sponsored by the Capital Region (NY) Chapter of Breastfeeding USA, on our Facebook group's page.
We are here to support each other in our journeys and we appreciate the sharing of breastfeeding-related topics. Accredited Breastfeeding USA Counselors (using our circle icon) are here to share evidence-based information. We invite you to check out the articles on our website: and to consider becoming a Breastfeeding USA member.

This is a closed group. Please keep what you see here private. Screenshots or sharing of posts or information posted in this group is not acceptable.

This a positive and nurturing environment. Please be prepared to hear multiple viewpoints. While we are open to healthy and respectful debates on related topics, harsh criticisms and judgments, rants/vents, or non-supportive debates are not welcome. Any comments which use inappropriate language or do not meet the guidelines of a positive and nurturing environment may be deleted by admins.

This is NOT a place to promote a business, to give away formula, or to ask for or offer human milk donations. If you are concerned about a post, please mark it for review by an admin or message an admin directly - this alerts us to it without your having to tag us in it within a comment.

This is a support group affiliated with Breastfeeding USA: Capital Region (NY) Chapter. If you have a concern requiring medical attention or intervention, please contact your care provider.


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