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BC Support Workgroup Job Descriptions

     BC Support Team Member

    a. Job Responsibilities:

    • Offers support and information directly to Breastfeeding Counselors (BCs)
    • Maintains regular contact with BCs and Community Chapters
    • Works with BCs to encourage mothers in their communities to apply as BC Applicants, and to strengthen the awareness of Breastfeeding USA in their communities
    • Shares public notices, press releases, and other sources of organizational information with BCs

    b. Job Requirements:

    • Knowledge of Breastfeeding USA policies and procedures
    • Able to assist and mentor new BCs
    • Communicates effectively in writing and in a timely manner, especially in regards to meeting deadlines and responding to emails
    • Works well as part of a team and has a willingness to learn new skills
    • Internet access, and basic computer skills

    c. Estimated Time Commitment:

    • 5-10 hours per month