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Special Facebook Groups

Many parents find support and encouragement on specific social media pages. In addition to the national Breastfeeding USA Facebook page, you can find support on the following groups as well. Each group is private, administered, and moderated by accredited Breastfeeding USA Counselors with experience specific to their group.

Breastfeeding USA Facebook Support Groups

 Support During Infancy

Focus on supporting parents who are pregnant, breastfeeding, pumping, combo feeding, and all combinations of feeding that fall in between those parameters.

 Exclusively Pumping Support Group

Support for parents that are exclusively pumping.

 Lactancia Materna – Spanish Speaking Support Group

Apoyo a familias de habla hispana.

 Nursing Twins/Multiples Support Group

Support for mothers nursing twins or multiples of any age.

 Working and Breastfeeding Support Group

Support for families who are working or going to school and breastfeeding.

 Breastfeeding After the First Year Support Group

Support for mothers nursing toddlers or preschoolers, following natural term or child-led weaning of children past one year of age.

 Allergies, Eczema, and Food Sensitivities Support Group

Support for mothers breastfeeding children with allergies, eczema, or food sensitivities. This group is specifically for those that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.