Winter in the USA!

As the weather changes, mothers are sure to have new and different questions for our Breastfeeding USA Counselors - holiday stress, shopping with baby, nursing in public, and indoor activities bring their own challenges for breastfeeding mothers and babies. Breastfeeding USA is always available to help!

While temperatures plummet in parts of the United States, many families may be wondering if their babies need to drink water to stay hydrated in the dry indoor climate. You may be surprised to learn that it's not necessary for young babies—your milk will quench your baby's thirst! Breastfeeding Counselors can answer questions about the nutritional needs of the breastfed baby, starting solids and complimentary first foods, and yes, how do deal with mastitis and blocked ducts, due to holiday stress.

We know mothers and babies get sick during cold and flu season. In this article, Breastfeeding Through Colds and Flu reprinted from our members' newsletter, Horizons, the author shares some tips and tricks that may be helpful in breastfeeding your baby back to health.

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