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What is That on Your Chest? All About At-Breast Supplementers

What is an At-Breast Supplementer?
In a society where bottles are seen as an image of infancy, many people are surprised to learn there are other ways to provide supplements to a breastfed baby. One such method is the at-breast supplementer. An at-breast supplementer is a device that allows a supplement to be given while a baby is actively nursing at the breast.This is sometimes referred to as a supplemental nursing system, or SNS, but SNS is actually a term for which Medela has the trademark. While there are many types and brands of at-breast supplementers, the basic concept is the same. Each consists of some form of container with a tube attached. The tube is then placed next to your nipple, and when the baby latches to the breast, the tube and the nipple will both be in the baby’s mouth. The supplement travels from the container through the tube as the baby sucks, and the baby receives this supplement, along with directly suckled milk. The supplement inside the container can be your own pumped milk, human milk from a human milk bank, human milk obtained through milk sharing, infant formula, or any other appropriate supplement. Read more

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We’re so excited to unveil our upgraded website! We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of our donors and members. For their ongoing support of our vision and mission, we are truly appreciative.
This website not only offers a new look and feel, but an improved user experience. It’s easier to connect with a Breastfeeding USA Counselor (BC) and get the personal help that families want and need.
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Breastfeeding USA Celebrates 5 years

Five years ago the 40 founders of Breastfeeding USA watched their dream unfold, and although separated by thousands of miles, they celebrated in all corners of the United States and announced a brand new mother-to-mother support organization. On December 10, 2010 our Facebook page went live, with well wishes and sharing of future plans. Two days later the website launched and the organization began accepting memberships from volunteers, and on December 14, from the public. 175 people joined as founding members.

In the years since, we’ve grown to almost 600 member supporters. We hope to gain more community supporters during our December membership drive. If you haven’t joined us yet, please consider what the founders wrote on Facebook five years ago, and be a part of our success. We need your financial support to be the organization that breastfeeding families want and deserve.

Celebrating 5 years. Breastfeeding USA. Oh, look how this baby's grown! Over 50000 mother/baby pairs served. 197 accredited breastfeeding counselors. 585 enrolled members. 38 states represented by breastfeeding counselors, and growing. 8,000 Twitter followers. 145,000 Facebook page likes. 67 web articles. Here's to the next 50 years!