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Keeping it in the Family: Donor Spotlight, jay elle by JL Childress

This year Breastfeeding USA was the recipient of a generous gift from a company that makes helpful products for breastfeeding moms and loves to give back, too. Meet Kate Doti and Sarah Gray, founding mothers of jay elle by JL Childress. Kate and Sarah, sisters and each a mother of two, have dedicated their careers to making breastfeeding and working easier for moms, both by making stylish and practical breast pump bags, and by committing themselves to family, support and encouragement, and philanthropy.  Read more...

Are you one of the 81? Help mothers by making a donation.

I am teaming up with the Breastfeeding USA Board of Directors, all donors themselves, to ask you to become a monthly donor to Breastfeeding USA. Read on to learn why mothers like Jessica urgently need you to Donate today!

I will never forget Jessica and her husband Nick. I was setting up for one of my very first breastfeeding support meetings when in walked Jessica, a fine-boned blonde, carrying a sweet little white-haired bundle, trailed by Nick—noticeably tattooed and pierced, with a full beard—carrying an overstuffed diaper bag. Jessica looked exhausted, and Nick, at odds with his tough exterior, expressed only concern in his cool blue eyes. Read more...

Six Questions to Ask Your IBCLC (or Other Health Care Provider)

IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants) aren't people we typically see when breastfeeding is going well. If we are working with one, we usually are tired, stressed, worried, overwhelmed, maybe in pain, or even wondering if our child is getting enough to eat. In this situation, it often feels like the most we can do is to contact one and hope they can help.

What are some reasons to check in with an IBCLC? It is often having a “gut feeling” that something isn’t right with breastfeeding. Additional reasons to see an IBCLC include [1]:

Are You Ready to Wean From Your Breast Pump?

Are you pumping milk for your baby while you are at work?
Are you exclusively pumping your milk for your baby?
Are you ready to ditch the pump?

Are you exclusively pumping1 and needing or wanting to stop pumping?
Are you wondering how to decrease pumping sessions? Are you tired of pumping at work? While there is no “right” time to wean from the pump, the American Academy of Pediatrics2 recommends providing human milk (or formula) at least for the first year whenever possible. Read More: