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Updated Statement on Breastfeeding

    The Breastfeeding USA Board of Directors voted to adopt a revision of the Statement on Breastfeeding. A team of volunteers took great time and care to consider Breastfeeding USA’s mission and purpose, along with the changing landscape of breastfeeding support, to craft a document that is more inclusive of all who breastfeed, chestfeed, and express milk. The Board of Directors spent additional time in an extended closed session reviewing the document and making changes. Revising this document is foundational to many of the changes we need to make in the organization on our journey toward creating equity both inside the organization, and in the work we do in the community.

    We owe a large debt of gratitude to Breastfeeding USA’s ad hoc Rebrand Committee, and we are also grateful to the Equity Task Force for their review of the document, and to the original architect of the organization’s Statement on Breastfeeding, Sharon Knorr, who sits alongside us on the board. We find that the team effort behind the drafting and crafting of this document dually reflects the spirit of equity that the words are meant to convey.

    Aimee Teslaw, President
    Elizabeth Laughlin, Vice President
    Kim Cierpik-Gold, Treasurer
    Sharon Knorr, Secretary
    Sarah Casady, Director
    Amie Rakosky Hood, Director
    Jada Wright Nichols, Director
    Kirsten Richardson, Director

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