Breastfeeding Information

Phone Apps for Breastfeeding Mothers

Being a modern breastfeeding mother definitely has it's perks! Whether you're camped out on the couch nursing that newborn or expressing milk away from home, your smart phone or tablet offers a lot of beneficial help.

How Much Milk Should You Expect to Pump?

Do you ever second-guess your milk supply after pumping? Do you compare it with the volume of milk your friend or neighbor pumps? Do you compare it with the milk you pumped for a previous baby? Before you start to worry, you first need to know how much pumped milk is average. Many mothers discover—to their surprise—that when they compare their own pumping experience with the norm, they’re doing just fine. Take a deep breath and read on.

Diaper Output and Milk Intake in the Early Weeks

Are counting wet and dirty diapers a reliable indication of whether a breastfed baby is getting enough milk? During the first six weeks of life, parents are often encouraged to track daily diaper output (number of wet and dirty diapers per day), but is this an accurate gauge? Science has taken a close look and the results may surprise you.

Milk Sharing: Formal and Informal

For most of human history, the sharing of human milk has taken place in the form of one mother breastfeeding the baby of another. In most instances, the immediate benefit of this kind of milk sharing—the continued life of the baby—far outweighed any possible risks.

For Teen Mothers: What Breastfeeding Is Like in the First Days

No one can know what life is like with a newborn baby before having one. Many say, “No one ever tells you what it’s really like.” That’s very true, because it’s a story that can’t be told beforehand. It will be a story that you and your baby will tell together.
But some things we can tell you for certain.

Choosing a Breast Pump

Claire was excited. “My baby is due next month,” she said, “and I still have not decided which breast pump to buy. Does it really matter which one I choose?”

Does Your Older Baby Still Need Night Feedings?

Has somebody told you that your baby doesn’t need to breastfeed at night past a certain age? This age often varies by advisor. However, science tells us that in many cases, this simply isn’t true.
When is the Best Time to Start My Baby on Foods Other Than Breastmilk?

What About a Sleepy Baby?

Some babies certainly are sleepier than others, so how will you know if your baby is too sleepy? And what does “too sleepy” mean?

To Pump More Milk, Use Hands-On Pumping

Would you like an effective method for pumping more milk? Until 2009, most of us assumed that when a mother used a breast pump, the pump should do all of the milk-removal work. But this changed when Jane Morton and her colleagues published a ground-breaking study in the Journal of Perinatology.1 The mothers in this study were pumping exclusively for premature babies in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Night Weaning of Older Babies and Toddlers: Mothers share their experiences

“When will my child sleep through the night?” is a question so many mothers ask. It is a question I have asked. When we hear that our friend’s infant started sleeping for 10 hours a night at five months of age, we sigh a little bit, knowing that very night we’ll be up with our two-year-old who has yet to do it. Some days we can go-go-go on little sleep while other days are not so easy, especially with the myriad responsibilities we have. We wonder if we should night wean, either partially or completely. We wonder what book will have the answer.