BC and Chapter Liability Insurance

Breastfeeding USA provides two types of insurance for Breastfeeding Counselors. The first is General Liability that covers your meetings and other public gatherings. Some people call this type “Slip and Fall” insurance. The other is Professional Liability Insurance. This covers a BC and Breastfeeding USA in the unlikely event of a malpractice lawsuit. Even though you are not acting in a professional capacity, it is the same type of policy carried by professionals.

If you are asked to present proof of liability insurance (Certificate of Insurance) for your meeting location, please email Finance@BreastfeedingUSA.org. After you provide the specific information on the location, our Treasurer will issue you a site certificate of insurance.

The Board of Directors also carries Errors and Omissions insurance. We feel the organization and our volunteers are well protected from the rare chance of litigation.