BC Guide - Community Chapters: Financial Management

Breastfeeding Counselors who successfully solicit local memberships and donations help Breastfeeding USA continue its growth. Through effective management of Community Chapter funds, Breastfeeding Counselors can help to reach more breastfeeding mothers and provide more services to their communities. Because financial management and reporting is a serious responsibility, the Breastfeeding USA Finance Committee provides support to Breastfeeding Counselors in handling Chapter finances.

Finance Committee

The Breastfeeding USA Finance Committee, under the direction of the Board Treasurer, has responsibility for all Breastfeeding USA financial activities, including: establishing financial policies and procedures; developing budgets; and maintaining control of assets, while monitoring and reporting on all financial matters. All volunteers are expected to protect the assets of Breastfeeding USA.

Bank Accounts

The Finance Committee has opened accounts in which Breastfeeding USA funds are held, including merchant credit card processing for all online transactions. To preserve strong centralized control of assets, individual Community Chapters are not authorized to open their own accounts at this time. Funds raised by a chapter for its own use will be deposited to the Breastfeeding USA account. It's kept separate through our bookkeeping system as a sub-account of the organization bank account. BCs can access these funds for appropriate expenses through the expense reimbursement form. The Finance Committee continues to explore ways to make Breastfeeding USA funds readily available to fund the needs and growth of Community Chapters and the organization as a whole.


Because Breastfeeding USA has received its 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service, it may solicit contributions via our website, and all donations made to the organization are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. If you would like to do local fundraising, please contact Finance@BreastfeedingUSA.org.

Memberships and Donations

The majority of Breastfeeding USA funds are expected to come from memberships, education fees, and additional individual donations. Breastfeeding Counselors are urged to promote memberships and donations at Community Chapter events and assist individuals who wish to join Breastfeeding USA or donate to the organization. Fundraising, which is critical in enabling the organization to deliver its mission is managed through the Funding and Development Committee.

More information about promoting memberships and specific details about processing memberships and donations can be found in the Membership section of this BC Guide. Please direct all prospective members to join online at Breastfeeding USA "Join"

Community Chapter Grants

Breastfeeding USA has funds available for Breastfeeding Counselors and Community Chapters to deliver Breastfeeding USA services in their local areas. For the current fiscal year, Breastfeeding USA had budgeted $125 per chapter for Community Chapter grants. To be eligible for a grant, all Breastfeeding Counselors in the Chapter must be up-to-date with the organization.

Breastfeeding Counselors may use Community Chapter grants for any Chapter-related expenses. Categories for reimbursable expenses may include printing and copying, postage and mailing, office supplies, books, Breastfeeding Counselor continuing education, and other general items.

Please contact the Finance Committee to activate your Community Chapter Grant. Finance@BreastfeedingUSA.org

Expense Reimbursement

Breastfeeding USA does not wish to impose a financial burden on its volunteers. Breastfeeding USA also expects all Breastfeeding Counselors and other volunteers to be prudent about expenses for the organization. By providing information about expenses incurred performing work for Breastfeeding USA, volunteers help the organization accurately report its financial activity and develop better budgets for future years.

After making any expenditure for the organization, Breastfeeding Counselors and other volunteers should complete the Expense Reimbursement Form and submit it to Finance@Breastfeedingusa.org to be included in the organization’s financial reports. If reimbursement is desired, actual receipts or scanned copies must accompany the form. Reimbursement may be limited based on funds budgeted and available. Providing accurate information about all expenditures -- including expenditures which are being donated to Breastfeeding USA where reimbursement is not expected -- is extremely helpful to the Finance Committee in establishing budgets for Breastfeeding USA.