BC Guide - Requirements: Membership

Breastfeeding USA requires that Breastfeeding Counselors demonstrate financial support for the organization by renewing their membership each year. Memberships not only provide needed funding for the organization (to pay for liability insurance and other general expenses), but also provide a measurable statistic of the number of supporters of Breastfeeding USA.

Membership Levels

Breastfeeding USA offers one level of membership: a regular membership for $35 per year. All members receive the e-newsletter #MilkMemos

Renewing Membership

Breastfeeding USA memberships are renewed annually. Approximately one month before a current membership is scheduled to expire, the website store generates an automated renewal notification. When Breastfeeding Counselors respond to the renewal notification, they should log in to the website. Logging in to the website ensures that the store recognizes who is renewing and that a new membership record is not created causing reconciliation work for the Member Services Workgroup. Renewing before the current membership has expired ensures continuous membership and uses the resources of the organization most efficiently. Even if a renewal is far in advance of the expiration date, the membership is extended a year from the original expiration date, providing a full year’s worth of benefits (including Breastfeeding USA MilkMemos subscription). We encourage you to take advantage of automatic renewal too. Set it and forget it!

Expired Membership

If a membership hasn’t been renewed by the expiration date, the Member Services Workgroup issues a second reminder and informs the Volunteer Services Committee that the membership has expired. A Breastfeeding Counselor with an expired membership may have her volunteer committee duties and voting member privileges temporarily suspended.

The Volunteer Services Committee follows up with all expired memberships and coordinates the suspension of Breastfeeding Counselor privileges if a membership is not renewed in a timely manner (in accordance with the Breastfeeding Counselor Membership Requirements Policy). At 60 days expiration, a BC is removed from the Breastfeeding Counselor and Community Chapter listings on the website to limit contact with breastfeeding mothers. At 90 days expiration, the Volunteer Services Committee informs the Board of Directors that the BC has not met the membership requirement. The BC loses accreditation and is removed from all committee work for Breastfeeding USA. The Board of Directors may reinstate former BCs who have lost their accreditation for failure to pay membership fees.

Financial Hardship

Breastfeeding USA recognizes that BCs may have different financial situations. By requiring a $35 regular membership on an annual basis, the organization hopes that BCs are able to budget and plan for this level of financial support. However, if financial hardship or time constraints cause problems with payment, Breastfeeding Counselors should contact the Finance Committee to work on a payment plan before the membership expires. The Finance Committee can help find alternative solutions to avoid the consequences of lapsed membership and keep BCs connected to Breastfeeding USA.