Grievance Committee Job Descriptions

Grievance Committee Member

a. Job Responsibilities:

  • Establishes the framework for handling grievances in accordance with bylaws terms
  • Develops process by which individuals can request a grievance review and prepares documentation to support the process
  • Evaluates grievance review requests, determines eligibility for grievance review, and communicates decision to the requestor and other relevant individuals
  • Conducts grievance review of actions taken with appropriate level of investigation, documenting all discussions and findings
  • Recommends follow up action to redress legitimate grievances as appropriate
  • Maintains documentation of all grievance requests and grievance reviews for at least one year

b. Job Requirements:

  • Communicates effectively including in difficult conversations
  • Understands conflict resolution techniques
  • Keeps confidential all private information of all individuals involved in the grievance review

c. Estimated Time Commitment:

  • To be determined