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We invite you to make a donation to Breastfeeding USA in honor of a special person in your life. We feel that special people deserve special recognition. Your mom perhaps, or grandmother, your best friend, a Breastfeeding USA Counselor, or a favorite aunt. Or, consider honoring your partner who co-parents with you to be the best mom or dad "in the whole wide world."

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Help us grow our free nationwide network of mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.

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$50 sponsors the training fee for a Breastfeeding Counselor candidate
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$150 provides one month's professional liability insurance for Breastfeeding Counselors
$750 provides start-up funds for ten new Breastfeeding USA Chapters
$10,000 supports the annual cost of all Information Technology Services which serves both our Breastfeeding Counselors and the mothers who seek breastfeeding support.

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National Benefactors: $1000+/year

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Large numbers of U.S. mothers are failing to meet their breastfeeding goals. Three-quarters of women begin breastfeeding at birth, but by 6 months only about 44% are breastfeeding at all, and only 24% make it to the recommended one year. Research has found that with mother-to-mother support, women breastfeed longer. The support of other mothers even helps prevent postpartum depression.

Why Breastfeeding Matters

Breastfeeding is a key women’s health issue. We all know how important breastfeeding is for babies. Early weaning also puts women at greater risk—even decades later—of breast and ovarian cancers, type-2 diabetes, and heart disease, the number one killer of women. Researchers estimate that if 90% of women breastfed exclusively for 6 months, this would save $13 billion in U.S. health-care costs.

Why We Think Breastfeeding USA Is the Solution

One unique aspect of Breastfeeding USA is its online Centralized Education Program, which ensures our Breastfeeding Counselors are well educated in best breastfeeding practices and counseling skills. With this preparation, Breastfeeding Counselors can provide consistent, evidence-based breastfeeding help that respects individual differences.

Incorporated in November 2010, Breastfeeding USA began accrediting Breastfeeding Counselors in 2011. Currently, Breastfeeding Counselors are active in 36 states and 130 Breastfeeding Counselors Candidates are enrolled in our accreditation program. By next year, we hope to have Breastfeeding Counselors active in all 50 states. As we grow, more mothers all across America will find the ongoing breastfeeding help and support they need.

To make mother-to-mother support accessible to more women, Breastfeeding USA Counselors have the freedom to choose many ways of helping and supporting mothers locally. Based on the best fit for their community, they can offer breastfeeding drop-in centers, baby cafes, classes, support meetings, online or phone help, home visits, and more. Breastfeeding USA is active on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Breastfeeding USA is on the forefront of planning the future of mother-to-mother support.

Our slogan, “Empowering you with mother-to-mother support,” means more than just providing the information families need to make breastfeeding more comfortable and to ensure a good milk supply. Sharing current evidence and discussing options leads to informed decision making, which we believe helps families feel more comfortable and confident in their choices.