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Get Involved

Thank you for taking an interest in the activities of Breastfeeding USA. We welcome your help in fulfilling our mission.

Volunteer Breastfeeding Counselors

We are looking for motivated women to apply to become volunteer Breastfeeding Counselors (BCs). BCs will offer evidence-based information and support to women in their communities through a variety of venues, depending on what is most appropriate in that locality. Counselors may also participate in or moderate our online forums as a representative of Breastfeeding USA and help mothers by phone. If you are interested in learning about our Breastfeeding Counselor education program, please read about becoming a BC.

Local Volunteers

Breastfeeding USA encourages local volunteers to provide practical support for Breastfeeding Counselors who organize Community Chapters. By using their knowledge of their own communities, volunteers can find the best ways to reach out to mothers who might benefit from Breastfeeding USA programs. They can also help plan meetings or classes, arrange fundraisers, assist with publicity, publish Community Chapter newsletters, or hold workshops. Contact your local Community Chapter to find out how you can volunteer.

National Volunteers

Volunteers at the national level may assist with a wide variety of tasks such as writing articles about breastfeeding and related topics for #MilkMemos and the website, training and providing ongoing education and support for Breastfeeding Counselors, updating web pages, programming software, assisting with administrative tasks, sitting on research and advisory panels, publicity, and fundraising. If you would like to volunteer or find out more about open jobs, please contact us.


Consider becoming a Member today for only $35. Your membership helps fund programs such as Breastfeeding Counselor education and training, opening Community Chapters, and hosting the Breastfeeding USA website. Without your membership and donations, our work would not be possible. We need you!