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Positioning and Latch

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  • Baby-Led Latch: How to awaken your baby’s breastfeeding instincts

    By Teresa PitmanWhat if babies were born knowing how to breastfeed? While that’s a new idea to most of us, it does make sense. Other newborn mammals know how to find and attach to their mother’s nipples, following inborn instincts in response to physical cues they receive from contact with the mother’s body. Paediatrician Christina…

  • Some Ins and Outs of Laid-Back Breastfeeding

    By Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA These laid-back positions not only make breastfeeding less work for mothers, they also make it easier for babies to take the breast deeply, especially during the early weeks. That’s because in these positions gravity helps rather than hinders babies’ inborn feeding reflexes, which can make a huge difference when babies…