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Breastfeeding USA Celebrates 5 years

Five years ago the 40 founders of Breastfeeding USA watched their dream unfold, and although separated by thousands of miles, they celebrated in all corners of the United States and announced a brand new mother-to-mother support organization. On December 10, 2010 our Facebook page went live, with well wishes and sharing of future plans. Two days later the website launched and the organization began accepting memberships from volunteers, and on December 14, from the public. 175 people joined as founding members. In the years since, we’ve grown to almost 600 member supporters. We hope to gain more community supporters in order to fund our mission. If you haven’t joined us yet, please consider what the founders wrote on Facebook five years ago, and be a part of our success. We need your financial support to be the organization that breastfeeding families want and deserve.

“Over 40 women across the country have come together, united in a common dream of combining volunteer mother-to-mother breastfeeding services with current lactation information. Breastfeeding USA is an organization where best practices in lactation support, counseling and education are expected of all counselors. Non-profit best practices of financial transparency, prudent management of funds, modern accounting practices, donor security, and inclusive membership governance are paramount in the organizational values. A comprehensive code of ethics and non-discrimination policies guide Breastfeeding Counselors as they interact with and help mothers and families. This new organization has been formed by a refreshing and enthusiastic group of women, dedicated to promoting breastfeeding as the cultural and biological norm, while communicating with mothers and their families with sensitivity and respect.”