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Governance and Operations


    Breastfeeding USA is a membership organization, incorporated in the state of New York and is committed to operating in accordance with best practices for non-profit organization management. The members of the Board of Directors are guardians of the mission of Breastfeeding USA and aim to build an effective and sustainable organization. They are responsible for establishing policies and practices that enhance the impact of Breastfeeding USA and strengthen the public’s confidence in the management of the organization. As a membership organization, the bylaws of Breastfeeding USA give the voting members, who include the Breastfeeding Counselors and national volunteers, certain rights and privileges. These include the right to nominate and vote for directors, influence or change policy, and attend board meetings.

    Our governance documents include:


    Breastfeeding USA is an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers at the national level work together through a system of online committees and corresponding workgroups. They may assist with a wide variety of tasks such as writing and editing for the newsletter #MilkMemos, maintaining the information technology, training and providing ongoing education and support for Breastfeeding Counselors, supporting general members, assisting with financial accounting, moderating social media outlets or organizing fundraising activities. If you would like to volunteer or find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact

    Annual Report

    The Annual Reports are a snapshot of our year’s accomplishments. The commitment of our dedicated and passionate volunteers, members and donors enabled Breastfeeding USA to stake a claim as a national mother-to- mother support organization. In these reports you’ll find the history of our founding and our accomplishments, the fiscal year financial reports, and the donor recognition listing.


    The Breastfeeding USA Board of Directors has established a Policies and Procedures manual for overall operations and specific policies that are relevant throughout the organization. These policies support the organization’s values of clarity, transparency, accountability, and best practices in furtherance of the Breastfeeding USA mission. The Online Privacy Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy and Whistleblower Policy are below:

    Financial Management

    Breastfeeding USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as designated by the IRS.

    Our EIN is 27-3310090.

    Breastfeeding USA is primarily funded by membership and donations from individuals who support our mission – Please join.

    The Breastfeeding USA Finance Committee is formed to:

    • Ensure the financial health and sustainability of the organization
    • Develop and execute financial plans that support the purpose of the organization
    • Provide timely and accurate financial information for organizational decision-making
    • Communicate financial plans and status to all stakeholders and educate stakeholders in financial matters relevant to the organization
    • Ensure that the organization meets all government financial reporting requirements to protect the non-profit status of Breastfeeding USA.
    • Breastfeeding USA is committed to making its financial reports available for public inspection. Our fiscal year is July 1 to June 30. The IRS Form 990 with accompanying schedules are available by expanding below: